Home Sweet Home

POSTED: 13 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

As I write, Wigan are at 19th place, and West Ham 20th – both the lowest of the low in the Premier League. It’s not the best place to be at the moment, with 2 games remaining. With the season closing (and relegation coming closer), winning the last fixtures can give hope for escaping the land of the damned (also known as the bottom 3).

I expect both sides to have nothing but this in mind as they prepare to battle each other this weekend. At this stage, both sides need a win; a draw at this point of the season would only be a waste of time if you’re seeking to climb up the table.


At first glance, West Ham seem a massive threat to the Latics, who have fallen to the Hammers 4 times in 5 games. But I want to point out that a more interesting trend between these two teams is that 5 out of their last 6 matches ended in a home win. This puts Wigan in front of West Ham, and I think they know it: Al Habsi already called for fans to “make a difference” and show support to help them win.

Aside from the home advantage, Wigan hold a fairly decent home record of 2 draws, 2 wins and only 1 loss in their last 5 games. West Ham’s away performance reveals a less intimidating form, gaining 2 draws before losing their last 3 road games.

For this match, the Latics take the edge, and I say they can take the victory. Wigan for the win, and a step closer to last-minute survival.

Verdict: Home win