At least they’re not Bologna

POSTED: 23 September 2011

At least they’re not Bologna

I’m looking forward to the match between Bologna and Inter Milan, mostly because at the moment both sides need massive improvement.

Since that win against Catania last May, Inter have never won in the Serie A. In three games it’s 2 losses and 1 draw. That’s 1 point in 3 matches.

And that’s why they’re at #14 in the Serie A table.

Bologna are no better, in fact they’re much worse. These poor blokes haven’t won in the Serie A since March. In 11 games they lost 8 and drew 3. But right now they’re at the bottom of the table because not only did they lose the first 2 Serie A games, but they failed to score in both.

They also failed to score in the match before the Serie A opener. Let me get to it chaps, they scored 3 goals in 11 games.

Like I said both teams need massive improvement but Bologna is much worse. Inter might as well look forward to their first Serie A win after the match. I reckon there’s no chance for Bologna to pull off a win, especially since they haven’t beaten Inter since 2002.

Verdict: Inter win