Blues for the Blues

POSTED: 02 December 2011

Blues for the Blues

Who would have expected Chelsea to have a form as horrid as the one they have now? I know I didn’t!

So 2 wins in 5 matches. And as for silverware, Andre Villas-boas had better be prepared for a right whipping from fans, because the Carling Cup is gone.

Could a win in the Premier League somehow help the squad’s morale, or at least calm the rabid fans? Maybe. And for this weekend it’s against hosts Newcastle United.

Not good, chaps. Newcastle’s form has been quite impressive and has not lost for 10 matches. Won 4 of their last 5. As for Chelsea, well it’s 3 wins in 5 away matches, and a poor 4 wins in 10 road games.

Don’t get me wrong mates, I feel bad for AVB mostly because I see him getting his head knocked off his shoulders by Abramovich before the season ends. I also feel bad because no way are his men winning this next match.

Verdict: Home win