Reds Raring to Go!!!

POSTED: 3 February 2012

Reds Raring to Go!!!

It seems Liverpool have finally pulled up their trousers and gotten back in the game. They took those nasty Manchester City buggers out of the Carling Cup, and blasted Manchester United out of the FA Cup.

And then there’s that spectacular business with the Wolves which I admit had me screaming for the Reds.

Fifth place, not bad for a team who actually deserve a good table spot (I’m looking at you City!!!). Next up are Tottenham Hotspur. Nothing big at stake here, Dalglish’s men won’t be passing Chelsea for 4th if they win. And no massive risk for the Spurs who at 3rd are 11 ahead of the Reds and 6 past the Blues.

But I reckon if Liverpool win that would mean that they are indeed back in full force, with a squad that maybe are beginning to live up to the Reds’ history. They’ve no win against Tottenham for 3 games, but if Carroll’s £35-million form makes another appearance, and Kuyt again dazzles with his skills then I reckon there’s another win waiting for them.


Verdict: Home win