A Done Deal

POSTED: 25 March 2011

A Done Deal

Cruelly, Luxembourg is currently seen as the patsy of Group D. And for good reason: except for a friendly win against Slovakia, Luxembourg haven’t had a victory since 2008. And in a few days, they brace themselves for a Euro 2012 qualifier match against group leaders France, who are armed with five consecutive wins.

There is something depressing about this weekend’s Luxembourg-France fixture. It’s simply because from where I stand, it’s almost a done deal. If France were Louis, Luxembourg would be the local pub’s week-long tap supply: finished and burped out care of the former in an hour and a half, plus a few minutes.

Luxembourg have carried on a tradition of being continually crushed by France, home or away, with their last 12 meetings resulting in a 50-5 aggregate score, no draws. In the last 4 fixtures (against France, as well as the rest of Group D) Luxembourg were left scoreless.

Except for that tiny space of consideration for a miracle, there really isn’t anything else to say. France will take this match faster than Louis can say ‘happy hour’.

Verdict: Away win