The Battle of Milano

POSTED: 1 April 2011

The Battle of Milano

Under Leonardo’s management, Inter Milan have gained 15 victories in 19 fixtures. This streak has brought them closer and closer to the top of the Serie A, and this weekend’s faceoff with archrivals AC Milan is their last hurdle. A victory, and they claim first place, ending AC Milan’s reign. A loss gives AC Milan a larger point lead, and could even drop Inter to third place from a possible win from Napoli who are 1 point behind.

Although AC Milan are currently at the top of the Serie A standings, their current form could put them in danger of being knocked off first place. To be fair, their record is not that bad: 1 recent loss, 2 draws, and 3 straight wins. The problem is Inter’s better form: 2 wins a draw, and 2 more wins.

AC Milan have their top spot in jeopardy; Inter are this close to ruling the Serie A table after fighting their way to the top. And the fact that it will take place in the rivals’ co-shared San Siro makes this a battle for supremacy, literally on common ground.

This next fixture is a must-win for both sides. But like any other match, it is not decided based on who wants it more, but who can play better. In this situation, I set my sights on Inter.

Verdict: Inter win