A Slice of Napoli

POSTED: 15 April 2011

A Slice of Napoli

Whatever kind of fixture a side is scheduled for, playing as the away side is always an added challenge. The unfamiliar ground filled with thousands of individuals, almost every one cheering against you, is enough to chip off a team’s confidence and performance level.

Individually, Napoli and Udinese each have fairly good away game records: the Partenopei won 3 of their last 5 away games; out of 5 games on the road, the Bianconeri had 4 consecutive victories. And out of 16 away games each, Napoli won 9 and Udinese won 7.


Despite this, their head-to-head statistics show an interesting trend: the sides’ last 7 encounters (2 wins for each side) ended in three home wins, three draws, and only one away victory. What’s more interesting, every home win ends with the same 3-1score, regardless of the side.

Looking at form alone, Napoli get the slight advantage: their last 5 games feature a recent four-win streak, and one draw. Udinese’s last 5 fixtures resulted in three straight wins, followed by 2 straight losses. Adding to Napoli’s advantage is the fact that the match is set for their home ground.

For either side, a win is a significant push in the Serie A table: for three additional points, 2nd placers Napoli would tie in points with top team AC Milan; a Udinese win would see the Bianconeri climb to 4th place. From my seat here, I see a Napoli win on the horizon.

Verdict: Home win