Palermo Soap Opera

POSTED: 15 April 2011

Palermo Soap Opera

5th of April, 2011 – the management of Palermo announced that Manager Cosmi was fired. Guess who replaced Cosmi… Delio Rossi is once again the manager of Palermo. Yes, the same Delio Rossi who was sacked about 4 weeks ago by Palermo’s boss Zamparini. Imagine, he gets fired, gets replaced, and in a month’s time, is reinstated – sounds like a soap opera to me, too much drama!

There’s more. Last week, Palermo faced Cesena at home. The match ended with a 2-2 deadlock but 9 more minutes of injury time were added into the match - a very overwhelming 9 additional minutes of injury time. It was understandable though, after a couple of red cards, 6 yellow cards, and more than 30 fouls, a “Super Injury time” seemed to be proper enough. The bad thing here was that 9 minutes were more than enough for Cesena, who were already down to 9 players, to catch up. The match entered injury time 2-0 in favour of Palermo until Cesena scored one at 91 and the equaliser in the 95th minute.


This wasn’t the end of it. Cesena was pumped up and excited with all the adrenaline running through them, and that pissed off Palermo. A riot ensued, lasting for two minutes, with Cesena’s Keeper receiving the 3rd red card of the match.

At the end of this episode, Palermo didn’t earn 3 points. Despite Rossi’s return, Palermo has abandoned hope in getting a ticket to the Europa League especially with Roma as their next opponent. Currently, Palermo is 9 points behind Roma who are still vying for a Champions League entry and are hungry to win their upcoming matches.

It’s time for Palermo to lend some points.

My pick is Roma -1.