As Tight as it Gets

POSTED: 27 January 2012

As Tight as it Gets

For this week let’s go to the Bundesliga where the competition for first place is massively tight. So it’s Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 all tied in first place points. Exciting!

Borussia are in second place and I say as long as they keep their form up they can overtake Bayern Munich in no time! Tough competition for them though, because as Munich will play for 3 points, so will they against Hoffenheim. Don’t think this is an easy one mates, Hoffenheim have beaten Dortmund in their last 2 games. In fact, Dortmund haven’t beaten Hoffenheim since 2009!

And for those thinking it might get easier with Dortmund as the home team, think again!! Home field advantage, forget it! The best that the mighty mighty Dortmund could do was a draw in their last 3 games with Hoffenheim at the Signal Iduna Park.

This is a massive match because Hoffenheim, who are at 8th, have a chance not only to climb to 7th, but remind the great Borussia Dortmund that no matter how high up in the table they are, they have a lot more to prove to this mid-table squad.

There will be no easy wins here, which is bad news for Borussia. If these blokes don’t pull off a win, they lose their shot at first place and maybe even drop to third if Schalke net a win.

I think I have enough faith in Dortmund to predict a win against Hoffenheim (the first in a LONG time), but it won’t be easy. Forget what they might say about Dortmund being the favourite. This will be a tight game, and you chaps had better free up your time for this one!

Verdict: Home win