The Big Bayern Finish!

POSTED: 17 May 2012

Liverpool’s Last Hurrah

This is it mates!!! Champions League finals and I have my special ale ready! Shame on you if yours aren’t!!!!

So, Bayern vs. Chelsea. Can’t say I’m not curious about how far Di Matteo can push his Blues, and if he clinches them this massive trophy Abramovich would be mad if he still decides to look for a new manager.

Chelsea against Bayern, who let’s admit are the more powerful team from all angles. Chelsea are a squad finding their form and getting good results so far. Bayern are a veteran team who are used to taking down any competition that stands their way.

Then again, Chelsea took down the mighty Barcelona so who knows what they could do to THIS bunch of lads!!!

The odds are against the Blues, which is why to be honest it would be interesting to see them win. But end of the day, it’s Bayern for me. Let’s not be overdramatic here, let’s not look for silly underdog victory stories. This is a match of skill and grit, and Bayern have that over Chelsea threefold.

Don’t fool yourselves lads into thinking Chelsea are ready for this kind of competition. Maybe in a few years. But right now? I reckon they’d fold to Bayern, but go home ready to do it all over again, stronger and better next year.

VERDICT: Bayern win