Home is Where the Heart is

POSTED: 30 June 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

Again, it was another winning week. In the football world, many things can be predicted by studying data and working with experience, but there are some things that happen that are definitely unpredictable, so unbelievable in fact that you’ll just be left scratching your head. Last Sunday, the most famous football club in Argentina, River Plate, was relegated for the first time in their 110 years of history in the sport.

For their fans, it meant the end of the world. Devastated, the fans attempted to rush onto the field and Police had to use water cannons to stop and disperse the rioting crowd. Would you believe it, 110 years on the record and everything was taken away just like that.


Let me show you more interesting records. In 15 matches between Tromso and Fredrikstad, not a single one ended in a draw since 2004. Though Tromso is on the top of the table now, they haven’t clinched a win on the road with a 3 draw, 1 loss card. This week, Fredrikstad will host Tromso. It’s an easy conclusion. Home win.

My pick: Fredrikstad win.