Toffee Time!

POSTED: 15 March 2012

Toffee Time!

The EPL’s #9 and #8 in a knock-out match for silverware. Exciting stuff, actually.

Everton vs. Sunderland, lads, and I reckon each team will be thinking the same bloody thing: if we can’t get to the top 4 at the EPL, we’ll at least try for the FA Cup. Good job so far for both, reaching the quarters.

This is the end of the line for one of them though, and I feel Everton are ready to prove themselves worthy and crush Sunderland. And they can do it too. They’ve not lost to those blokes since 2001, mostly in Premier League matches. I expect them to bring a lot more force and fight for the FA.

There’s also the fact that the Toffees just lost to Liverpool. Last time they lost twice straight was December last year. Netting a win here against a team who’ve yet to defeat them in over 10 years is a walk in the park.

And they’ve been pretty decent at Goodison Park, winning the last 5 matches – Premier League, and FA. Be smart, chaps. Everton have got this, no questions asked.

Verdict: Everton win