Liverpool’s Last Hurrah

POSTED: 11 May 2012

Liverpool’s Last Hurrah

Massive performance from Liverpool against Chelsea! A little too late I say, should have been that for the FA Cup, but no one can say the Reds didn’t prove themselves worthy of some respect.

Good thing, closing their Anfield season on a high note. But can they do that for the whole season? A last game at Swansea for them, and if they lose this one we all go back to remembering how smaller teams whizzed past them like it was nothing.

Unfortunately no one can say with this team it’s a sure win or not. But I reckon King Kenny would want to close out the year well. Keep the lineup I say, and please please start Andy Carroll. I believe the last two games should have been a lesson for the Scot. Carroll is effective, or at least has been effective. Would be good to use that to their advantage.

Unless Kenny experiences another lapse in judgment as far as lineups are concerned, I reckon this team can indeed close out Liverpool’s season with a good taste in their mouths, and the mouths of every supporter out there.

May work for them that Swansea’s home form isn’t that good. Two losses in four matches. Care to make it three, chaps? Rooting for you! We want the old Liverpool back!!!