Of Vandals and Victory

POSTED: 27 January 2011

Of Vandals and Victory

All right.

Forget what all of the other jokers are saying and read this, you’ll thank me later.

Pre-match psychological conditioning can become as powerful a determinant as home ground advantage. This may be what an Alemannia Aachen fan was hoping for as he spray-painted “Alemannia” on the side of the Bayern Munich bus before the teams’ Wednesday match.

The fan was caught, and Bayern won anyway with 4-0, clinching their semi-final berth. Call it karma, call it vengeance; I call it team superiority, plain and simple.

Fourth-ranked Bayern moves on to battle host team Bremen this weekend. Bayern’s consistent game play has produced a generally impressive six-game streak of three wins, a draw, and two wins. Bremen, ranked 14th, shows a more dismal record that includes a two-loss streak. They are also struggling to keep out of the relegation zone.

I do not expect anything else but sheer skill and supremacy to determine the outcome of this match.

Verdict: away win, over 2 goals