Weekend Rundown

POSTED: 2 December 2010

Weekend Rundown

Two out of three last weekend…not too bad, considering that our beloved Mr. McDonald had to use some excuses to justify (another) tipping disaster. I am afraid the clock has stopped for Louis 44 years ago.

After a full week’s action the weekend fixtures are anticipated with great excitement.

Man City Vs Bolton: Bolton away, they don’t necessarily back down in defense and they are keen to play some creative football and fancy their chances. On the other hand , the Blues is a squad capable of punishing any opponent if not cautious enough – over.

Blackpool Vs Man Utd: Blackpool is also a forward moving squad trying to create chances and disturb every opponent.While Man Utd are definitely in the right mind to deliver another stunning performance after demolishing their last opponent. I wouldn’t be surprised if both teams deliver an attacking football – over.

WBA – Newcastle: In my view, Newcastle is one of the positive surprises for this season. The Magpies tend to play better away from home and with Carroll in form, I wouldn’t be surprised if they snapped the three points – away win.