Juventus Has Edge

Posted : 16 December 2010

Juventus Has Edge

If someone mentioned last October that Juventus will claim the Championship in the Serie A… He’d be branded the fool for his lack of soccer knowledge. But if you say it now, some will actually agree with you. After losing to Lazio, Inter Milan has now dropped to 10 points away from League leader AC Milan. This standing is good enough to say that the defending champions are out!

Let’s have a look at the outright odds of the Serie A. Dafabet changed Inter from 3.75 to a striking 6.00. But after Juventus beat Catania, the odds dropped from 8.00 to 4.90! Now Juventus is ahead of Inter in the league table. Though Lazio is still in 2nd, I don’t think anyone believes that they can last long in that spot.

Especially now since Juventus is out of the Europa League, they can concentrate on the Serie A and you have to take note that they aren’t in their best form yet. Both Buffon and Amauri are still injured and I won’t be surprised if they better AC Milan after the Winter break.

In their next match, Juventus will face Chievo, a team who has lost 2 games in a row. In head-to-head stats, Juventus has won 11 of their last 14 matches against Chievo and I think their next meeting is just another victory waiting to happen.