Parma Fights for Survival

POSTED: 1 April 2011

Parma Fights for Survival

Parma brought us a very strong impression when they returned to top league of Italy last season. However, when everyone is expecting they could make another bigger surprise, they disappoint the world.

But it is not their fault. This team is no longer with the solid squad as they were before, where they were even chasing the title of league some years ago. This team now is young, unstable and lack of super stars. It is actually one of their big weaknesses, which leaded to some critical defeats in past games of this season. Now they have to face the fight against relegation.

But I really have no worry about they would be seen in Serie-B in next season, because this young team is actually with not bad ability to achieve victories. On the coming weekend they will host the team of bottom Bari, who seems definitely reserving the seat of Serie-B. For sure Parma will get to their way to secure 3 points from it.

My pick: Parma (-1), price of 1.98 at