A Shocking Turn of Events

POSTED: 24 June 2011

A Shocking Turn of Events

The taser story involving Zenit St. Petersburg’s Danko Lazovic makes me laugh. Not because what happened to Lazovic was funny, but because the cheeky blokes responsible (the riot police) – even after video evidence and medical confirmation – denied it happened. Apparently it’s the second complaint by a foreign player in the Russian League, twisting more than a few knickers about supposed racism in the league.

The stun gun incident happened after Zenit won 2-0 against hosting Volga. Not certain if that’s enough consolation, but it is a win, and on the opponent’s ground. I’m right set that that’s a proud moment there.


And unless I’m wrong, another similar moment is in the offing, this time against visiting Terek. No question on that, mostly because there’s no challenge to begin with. Terek’s away record is a ghastly 12 matches of all losses save for 2 draws.

Also, the club is hobbling with manager Ruud Gullit’s sacking (no surprise) due to the club (and his) horrendous non-performance of duties. It’s almost a joke against the current Russian Premier League champs, with a recent home record of 3 wins and 2 draws.

Unless another win means another encounter with a stun gun, Zenit can look forward to easily nabbing this one. Cheers, mates!

Verdict: Zenit victory