Pride for St. Pauli

POSTED: 29 July 2011

Pride for St. Pauli

Apparently the only thing needed for St. Pauli to perform better is relegation.

Their form has improved since being blown out from the first Bundesliga division. I’m not saying 3 wins in 6 games is massively impressive, but it’s a whole mess of a lot better than 5 losses and 1 draw (which was how their last 6 matches in the Bundesliga ended).

Up next for these Pirates is the Germany Cup, for which they fight against Eintracht Trier, a team who have not faced (and fallen to) St. Pauli since a 2003 2nd division Bundesliga match.

In the Regionalliga, Eintracht Tier have actually done fairly, with 4 wins and 2 draws most recently. But this is no contest for St. Pauli, who will pillage Eintracht Trier for all they’re worth. If not because of skill, it’s pride. I know I’d be barking mad to endure relegation only to be whipped by a team from the Regionalliga.

St. Pauli know it’s a no-compromise situation; the same should apply to their performance if they want (my) respect. I they have to win this, and I for one know they actually can.

Verdict: St. Pauli win