Battle of the Reds

POSTED: 14 October 2011

Battle of the Reds

So it’s Liverpool and Manchester United. Reds vs. Red Devils.

Good job on Liverpool’s part, returning to winning ways and defending at home for 2 straight games. But let’s be realistic. No matter how good a club is, there’s no telling with United.

And Ferguson’s boys have avoided a loss in the Premier League since May. No joke, that is. And not to be taken lightly.

I reckon Gerrard starting must give a massive boost for the team and the crowd. It will be interesting to see him prove he still belongs in Anfield. Advice to Kenny, take no chances and make no mistake thinking Gerrard’s presence alone will win this one. Put Suarez in with him (at all times) and maybe they could be more optimistic.

Honestly the Reds have a chance. Their form isn’t as threatening but they’ve won against United the last 3 times at Anfield.

But like I said, you can never be too confident if you’re facing United.

For this one, let’s be brave. I give this one to Liverpool.

Impress me, Kenny!

Verdict: Home win