A Real Threat

POSTED: 20 January 2012

A Real Threat

It seems City are in dreamland thinking Manchester United are their only rivals. I’m talking to you, Joleon Lescott, wake up and check the tables! The Spurs are 2, I repeat, TWO points away from United, and they’re about to challenge you this weekend.

The Spurs’ chances at the Etihad Stadium are not that great but don’t underestimate their abilities. I suggest that Lescott, and the rest of City, consider Tottenham as challengers who have almost everything to gain, and will do anything to get it.

City are massively powerful at home with a 100% EPL record. As for the Spurs, their road record has 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 5 games. Maybe it’s not good enough to twist City’s knickers but it’s not bad enough to make a Spurs win impossible.

For this match I see the Spurs giving everything they have and maybe even holding City to a draw. A win might not be the first thing they should hope for but there’s absolutely no reason for City to lay back. I see a City win, but believe me mates, the Spurs will not go down easy, and without a fight.

Verdict: Home win