Chelsea v Man City

POSTED: 9 August 2012


Chelsea v Man City

Seen as the traditional ‘curtain-raiser’ to the new English Premier League season, the Community Shield game is being held at Villa Park this season as Wembley is host the Olympic Soccer Final.

Chelsea last lifted the Shield in 2009 after beating Man United on penalties. While Man City last lifted the Shield 40years ago.

Up until recent years teams and fans for that matter used to view this as a ‘friendly’ game, not so much nowadays – as at the end of the day, it’s silverware and bragging rights for the team who wins, so who will it be this year?

Personally I can’t see past a City win, as in my view they’ve got more fire power up-front and perhaps more importantly a more solid back-line. Let’s face it John Terry is getting no younger and it seems he is making more and more ‘slip-ups’ in games when it matters. Only personal opinion mind, chances are now he’ll have a blinder! Looking at both clubs last three games albeit friendly games, so simply a fitness exercise I note Chelsea have lost all three, while City have won two. Whereas in the League last season, each club won their respective home games against each other 2-1.

Now, Villa Park is a neutral venue for both so there’s no advantage ground wise. But taking into account all factors I’d expect to see Mancini’s men add the Shield to the Title they won last season, with Chelsea’s new players like Hazard needing time to settle.

Verdict – Man City to win priced at 2.27.