Vintage EPL

POSTED: 02 September 2011

Vintage EPL

It was a crazy weekend. Man U’s 8-2 win over Arsenal shook the football world while Real Madrid and Barcelona showed that no other team will have a chance in the Spanish Liga A this season after a display of 11 total goals.

Top leagues won’t be seeing any action this week since the European Championship will be on its way, so how about settling for tips for the English League One yeah?

Does anyone still remember Charlton Athletic coming from the Valley Staidum? It once was a great club who played in the EPL and even in the UEFA Cup. Unfortunately, they ran into some horrible football and have been playing in League One. I expect to see them go back to the top league again. If you have a look at their performance this season, they’ve actually been doing pretty well with 4 wins in their last 5 matches also scoring 11 goals in total.

They’ll be playing Sheffield on Wednesday, a club that also used to play in the EPL way back in the 90’s. I think Charlton will have an easy time with this one.

My Pick: Home Win