Breaking Illusion

POSTED: 16 September 2011

Breaking Illusions

So Fergie thinks Rooney is comparable to Pele.

Let me say this now: Sir Ferguson went a tad overboard with that. Rooney is a top player, and being in one of the top teams definitely helps him improve his game. But he’s a young chap, with a lot to learn.

Rooney is Rooney, and there might be no one like Pele, ever.

But I think Man United’s golden boy with his massively improved form can help the Red Devils run riot against the Blues, like they did in their last 3 encounters.

Forget Fernando Torres, he hasn’t proven anything (no matter what Andre Villas-boas thinks) and there is no chance for him or his team to stop Man United’s momentum. Hats off to the boy for setting up the two goals for the Blues, but one game doesn’t say anything. If he does it one or two more times in the near future, then I’ll pay attention.

Until then, I say the Red Devils have this in the bag.

Verdict: Home win