Blues for the Blues

POSTED: 9 February 2012

Blues for the Blues

Heard Chelsea and the great Andre Villas-Boas got a right shock when the mighty Abramovich popped by Stamford Bridge. And on the day of that humiliating 3-3 draw that to this day I still find hard to believe. All over the gaff they were.

Almost nicked 3 points there chaps, what team let go of 3-0 for 3-3? Chelsea, that’s who! No Chelsea fan here but I reckon anyone would feel a tad down for the blokes. Shaking in his boots, I bet AVB was. Can’t keep up all the excuses fella. Gotta impress the boss at least once before he sacks you.

Maybe this weekend at Everton? Maybe. Mediocre form for the Blues still, with 3 draws straight (and away, 4 draws in 5 matches). Everton’s record isn’t brilliant but with only 1 loss in 5 home games they’re no walk in the park.

To be frank, Chelsea will need all guns ablaze here if they want the 3 points. Get Lampard going, and someone tell Torres that unless he proves himself to be a reliable member who can actually score goals, he could exit the Bridge before AVB does.

And to dear AVB, wake up. Your job is on the line no matter what you would have us believe. Don’t count Everton out, their home defence might be better than what you prepare for.

If for this match we’ll be seeing the Chelsea that played against Man United, guess what? Better start looking for that next win somewhere else.

Verdict: Home win