Come on Barca!

POSTED: 23 May 2012

Come on Barca!

Last chance for Barca, this one. They lost the La Liga, they lost the Champions League, blimey they even lost Pep Guardiola.

All down to this Copa del Rey final, one last go for glory, against Athletic Club. And I wish I could say Barca have got this hands down but maybe not.

Three wins and 2 draws in 5 Copa del Rey matches for them, against Athletic’s four wins and 1 draw. As for head to head, that’s 2 Barca wins and 3 draws in 5 games in all competitions.

Don’t get me wrong mates, I want nothing less than a Barca win. Turns out though that it’s not a promise anyone can make.

Keeping my hopes up though, really. At least the prices are decent.

VERDICT: Barca win, 4-6 goals total.