Welcome to Punters Pad

I would like to welcome all our friends in our newly launched Whisky Bar…Ooooops, correction, I was meant to say the newly launched “Dafabet Punter’s Pad”.

Before I get into the tips, let me briefly provide you with some inside information of my colleagues across the panel…

Mr. McDonald as you have most probably guessed already, pretends to be a die-hard sports fan, a qualified trading manager and a connoisseur. In reality, he hasn’t approached a football pitch since the age of 7, he lost all the betting funds during last World Cup and sadly his best element is a burger with chips…

Kenny Lee is a proven statistician, a keen mathematician and an equally good baccarat player. Unfortunately, too good of a Baccarat player that he is trying to use the same betting patterns with sports betting… Keep that in mind.

Eddie on the other hand, is a proven race horse, with stamina and pace that no-one beats is capable to deliver the best results. The only issue is he doesn’t like his whisky as much and the two of us don’t hang out to the same places to discuss football.

As for the upcoming matches, my picks for this week are:

Spurs VS Liverpool... I don’t know about you, but I quite fancy the Spurs…Tremendous performance against miserable Arsenal last week…Without Gerrard they will be completely outclassed in midfield…The likes of Bale, Lennon, Defoe and the impressive Van Der Vaart will leave little chances and no hope for Liverpool’s defense… Home win @ 2.26.

Newcastle VS Chelsea…Ay, that’s an interesting one…Chelsea have recently been a playground…It’s time for them to get up to the requirements otherwise they will have to waive good bye to first spot…Drogba has been unimpressive for a long time and he will bounce back sooner or later…However, with John Terry out, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy Carroll punish the “Blue’s” defense…My pick? Over 3 goals priced at 3.00.

Stoke VS Man City…Yeap, I agree Man City were impressive against Fulham…but Stoke is not Fulham… Those Northerners are tough… they know their game and they won’t be an easy opponent to Tevez and co…My call is a draw, priced at 3.26.