Welcome Eddie

I see an unusually inviting match this week. The Serie A gives Bari and Cesena a chance for each one to prove itself better than the other. I’ve heard a lot more than these two staying at the bottom of the table.

Bari and Cesena have been sharing the same sentiments for hitting the floor in the Serie A this season. People say that both these teams have no chance of advancing in the table, a fate they believe is shared by Brescia. From what I know, the last time these two clubs faced each other was way back in the 07-08 season of the Serie B. They met twice but delivered nothing more than two boring scoreless draws. Although, a little bird told me that Bari Coach Ventura claims that his club is getting healthier by the minute. After all, we’ve seen Bari plagued by injuries so far this season. Imagine, having lost 13 players to injury. That must’ve been fun. But Ventura boasts of how his second stringers displayed impressive football against Parma and is hoping that the return of his key players can boost the confidence level of the whole team. To top it off, everyone has seen Cesena’s dismal performance on the road which I heard has made the Asian Handicap market quite interesting

Word on the street is that these evenly matched teams can make a bottom-feeding match more exciting and interesting than people think it is. Home win @1.95 is hopeful. See for yourself.