“Italian Generosity”

POSTED: 8 April 2011

“Italian Generosity”

The Italian Serie A has a very long history. There exist what we may call “complicated relationships” between teams. Why do I say complicated relationships? Well, it’s because you will always see teams “borrow” points – especially at the end of the season.

Take Bologna for example, who was 9th in the table with 43 points. A ticket to the Europa League was next to impossible but on a lighter note, they didn’t have to worry about relegation. Such teams are always generous enough to lend points to those teams who are fighting to stay away from relegation or those still in the race for the title. In their last match, Bologna lent 3 points to Brescia who was 2nd to the last in the table. Look at Brescia now – with 29 points, they need only a win to pull them out of the relegation zone. If in case Bologna’s luck drowns out next season, they’ll get to return the favour when they face Brescia. Sportsmanship is lost – unfortunately, that’s the reality in Italy.


Bologna is set to host Napoli in their next match with Napoli fresh from pulling off an amazing 4-3 reversal beating Lazio. They are the only team who will put up a challenge against AC Milan at this point with only 3 points separating these top two teams. Perhaps Bologna will continue the sharing habit.

My pick: Napoli Win