Vengeance for Djurgarden!

POSTED: 14 June 2011

Vengeance for Djurgarden!!!!!

It’s Djurgarden v Mjallby this weekend gents and Djurgarden has a score to settle. After losing to Mjallby 3-0 TWICE in a row, they go and get beat by Helsingborg. The score? 3-0!!! I’m right set those blokes are desperate to beat Mjallby and they might have a chance...Mjallby hasn’t won on the road for 5 straight games.

Will it be a Djurgarden redemption, or will Mjallby take them and load your pockets with INSANE odds??? For once I’ll go with faith and go for Djurgarden. If not, just to make me feel better I’ll pop by the pub and watch Jameson drink till he passes out.