The End of the Road

POSTED: 13 May 2011

The End of the Road

The last round of the German Bundesliga will be shown this weekend. Let’s have a look at the relegation zone. St. Pauli is has already booked a trip to Bundesliga 2 while two more teams will be joining their unfortunate journey. Among Wolfsburg (35 points), Monchengladbach (35 points) and Frankfurt (34 points), one will immediately be relegated while the other will be determined through a relegation Play-off match; only one will survive and evade relegation. To make things more exciting, these three teams will all be fighting for survival – on the road.


Now who will each one be playing? Wolfsburg will face Hoffenheim who has no motivation whatsoever similar to Monchengladbach’s opponent Hamburg, who have nothing to gain or lose as 7th in the table. The challenge is laid on Frankfurt who will be facing this season’s Champion, Dortmund. I know that there is a tradition in Germany that in the last match at home, the home team pulls off a good performance as a tribute to the fans to thank them for their support throughout the season. With Dortmund claiming the title this season, nothing less than a brilliant performance should be expected; Frankfurt will be in trouble. For this match, Dafa is giving Dortmund a 0.75 handicap to prove that it’s nearly impossible for Frankfurt to receive the blessing.

I believe Frankfurt will lose. Wolfsburg will win because they haven’t lost to Hoffenheim in Bundesliga. Monchengladbach will get at least a draw.

My pick: Dortmund -0.75 and Wolfsburg -0.5