Ready for the Reds!

POSTED: 12 August 2011

Ready for the Reds!

Clear your schedules chaps, football season is here again! And because 2 months of waiting is long enough, I’ll go right to the point.

I am more excited about Liverpool this season than before. Carroll and Suarez have proven that adding them to the roster was a brilliant move that’s well worth the money (more than I can say for Chelsea, you lads know who I’m talking about). I’m looking forward, and so should you, to seeing them become one of the most effective duos this season.

Luckily we only have to wait a few more days until their weekend match with Sunderland, where I honestly believe will end in the Reds’ first win of the season.

Against Sunderland, Liverpool has no reason to be afraid. The Reds have managed to prevent the Black Cats from scoring in 11 of their last 14 matches in the Premier League. Also, of the 2 sides’ last 10 meetings Liverpool won 8. And the match is set for Anfield, where the Reds defence gave them just 1 loss in 10 games.

Perhaps some are still missing Gerrard who I heard will be ready for battle by September. But I reckon the team is solid enough to land more than a few goals even without their leader. As for Glen Johnson’s thigh problem, well, no worries about that as well folks. I reckon King Kenny has the squad ready and as many are speculating, has Martin Kelly ready to fill the spot.

No question about it: this is Liverpool’s game. Welcome back to the rumble, chaps. Get ready, it’s going to be good, brutal, and wicked fun!

Verdict: Home win