Fighting for safety

POSTED: 04 November 2011

Fighting for safety

I’m not quite certain which side is in greater danger: Wolverhampton or Wigan.

The Wolves are technically not in the red but I say they might as well be: 17th place with only 2 points keeping them safe.

Wigan meanwhile are not only in the drop zone, they’re at the bottom of it. Nowhere to go but up, optimists may say, unless the team’s horrid performance keeps them at 20th place till season’s end.

I reckon that for poor sods like these, every game matters, especially this next one. One reason would be that the winner either moves farther from, or out of the drop zone.

Interestingly, the trend shows that Wigan seems to have the greater chance of surviving this battle. Of the sides’ 6 last matches, they won 4. The Wolves meanwhile stole only 1 win.

Two of Wigan’s 4 wins happened at the Wolves’ Molineux Stadium – the venue for their next showdown. And should this trend continue, Wigan’s embarrassing form (which includes a recent 4-loss away streak) will not be as big of an issue.

As long as they keep their strength against the Wolves – something they have done many times in the past – Wigan would break their 7-loss streak in the Premier League (8 losses overall), claim their first win since August, and climb out of the red zone.

Verdict: Away win