Barca’s Comeback

POSTED: 09 December 2011

Barca’s Comeback

Here we go, El Clasico, where I tell you chaps Barcelona will come to teach Real Madrid a lesson on proper football!

I see Real Madrid are prepped for the clash and Mourinho is already out there talking about how they play to win. Sorry mate, not this time.

This is not because of any bias I have, it’s pure and simple numbers. So what if Real Madrid have a perfect record? Do you know why they have a perfect record? It’s because they’ve yet to clash with Barca, against whom they’ve won only ONCE in 10 games.

I am willing to admit that so far Real Madrid have been nothing less than lethal, with 15 straight wins across all competitions. I will also admit that Barca have not been in their top form, and it will seem as if they are set to walk into Real territory as the hosts’ next victims.

But I tell you, Barca are a team that have proven time and again that they are the one squad that could bring Real Madrid to their knees. The teams’ history has shown this happen time and again; there should be no difference once they clash at the Bernabeu this weekend.

Get ready Real Madrid, you’re about to tally your first loss.