Go Gunners!

POSTED: 29 December 2011

Go Gunners!

At this point no one could say that Arsene Wenger did not surprise the lot of us. After all the calls for his dismissal early in the season, Arsenal have forged ahead and are now decent competitors in the Premier League.

And their impressive form is the reason why they will destroy Fulham in their next meeting. No matter that it’s in Fulham’s home court, Arsenal have been magnificent on the road with 4 wins and 1 loss in 5 games. Fulham have 2 wins and 3 defeats at home. Not very inspiring.

What is inspiring however is Arsenal’s rally towards something bigger than anyone expected months ago. The Gunners deserve to be where they are, and Wenger deserves every praise he gets.

Arsenal have this, no question. Congratulations in advance to the mighty Gunners!