Prove yourselves worthy!

POSTED: 13 January 2012

Prove yourselves worthy!

I reckon other teams shake in their bloody trousers when they visit big bad AC Milan who’ve 19 matches without losing, and a 6-win streak. You lot may even be counting Inter Milan out in this one.

Not quite yet mates. In the 6 games that AC Milan won, how many matches had them face any of the other teams in, say, the top 5 today? NONE. The most challenging was 8th placers Catania, who at that time 2 wins and 4 draws in 6 matches. Not much of a threat there.

The last home challenges for AC Milan were Lazio (4th place) and Udinese (3rd), and they couldn’t even get anything above draws.

I’m not saying they’re not good because they are but as a home team, they destroy the mid-tier to bottom teams, or get shaken by the bigger battles.

Inter Milan have 3 straight away games but like AC Milan, the challenge wasn’t big against Siena, Genoa and Cesena. Congratulations on the 3-win streak, but it’s not something to be massively proud of in the end.

For this game though, I reckon AC Milan can pull something off. Overall the blokes do outclass Inter and they may have enough to beat a squad who before the 3 straight wins had only 1 win in 6 matches.

What do you say, AC Milan? Show me what you got!

Verdict: Home win