Bad Day to be AVB

POSTED: 17 February 2012

Bad Day to be AVB

I almost feel sorry for Andre Villas-Boas. Poor bloke’s got enough on his mind what with Chelsea losing ground, without Abramovich breathing down his blooming neck. And then there’s that player mutiny thing and I don’t know how that man keeps himself from going mental.

All part of the job, mate. Even more if your job is to manage Abramovich’s team.

Hope I could say AVB’s on his way to getting Abramovich’s sympathy with a big Champions League win but even in that aspect I’m not giving any comfort. It’s at Napoli’s territory and believe me Villas-Boas has reason to shake in his trousers.

No losses yet for Napoli at home in the Champions League, and Chelsea? No wins in 4 road matches. Unless Torres magically starts scoring goals (Louis would sooner quit drinking), best they could hope for is maybe a 2-1 final score to even things out for Stamford Bridge.

Bottom line, Chelsea are out of sorts and in no condition to dominate any big games these days. Slipping performance, plus tension within the ranks? Too much for any team.

It’s either the Blues draw, or get trampled and AVB goes home thinking up excuses to give Abramovich. Kissing his feet might be a good start.

As I always say, maybe next time chaps. There’s always the Bridge.

Verdict: Home win