Red Devil Yell

POSTED: 1 March 2012

Red Devil Yell

I wonder if Harry Redknapp’s bum is still sore after falling from their high horse last week. Not a big Arsenal fan, but what they did was magic. Spurs must be mad if not embarrassed. I reckon, both.

Time for those blokes to prove themselves worthy again. Spurs vs. Man United this weekend mates! Big game with big things in store!

Ah the mighty Man United. Still trying to knock City off first place, but always coming off just a tad short. I expect City to add three more points this weekend as well, so any chance for the Red Devils to keep the rich boys in check depends on adding 3 themselves.

I admit Tottenham are beasts at home, with only 1 loss, 2 draws and 13 bloody wins in 16 hosted games across all competitions. Man U? On the road, they’re at 3 losses, 2 draws and 11 wins. Not bad, but not good enough, maybe.

But don’t, NEVER, count out the Red Devils mate! Last time I checked, aside from a sad little draw, they’ve yet to take down Fergie’s lads. Not always about the numbers, you see. Face to face, that’s when it happens.

United have too much at stake here. A squad like Tottenham won’t be enough to make them forget that.

Verdict: Away win