Baggies to Bag the Win

POSTED: 22 March 2012

Baggies to Bag the Win

For Newcastle, the Champions League qualification is not at all a dream that can’t come true this season. A few slip-ups from Arsenal and the door opens up for the Magpies to maybe break through 4th place. Not a bad situation, I reckon.

Of course that’s not all, because a few slip-ups from Newcastle and they can kiss their chances goodbye.

Their next test is at West Brom this weekend. Think 6th vs 12th will be an easy task? Think again.

The Baggies’ home record isn’t intimidating, with 2 wins and 3 losses in 5 games. But, those 2 wins came from their last 2 home matches. As for Newcastle? Those blokes tally 1 win and a bloody 4 losses on the road; 2 of their defeats happened just recently.

Another is the fact that Newcastle haven’t beaten West Brom since 2009. The matches that came after brought 3 West Brom wins (including from their last meeting, which happened at Newcastle’s home), and 3 draws.

Best of luck to Newcastle, I’m sure they’ll somehow try to nab that 4th spot. But at least for this match, it doesn’t look good at all for them. My wager’s on West Brom for an upset. Trust me, Newcastle losing to those blokes isn’t as surprising. At least make some money out of that possibility, eh?

Verdict: Home win