So Long, Spurs

POSTED: 12 April 2012

So Long, Spurs

I reckon Harry Redknapp must be kicking himself for not taking the England job. Not sure what’s happening to Tottenham but I have a feeling about what will happen to them this weekend in the FA Cup. It won’t be good.

Anyone got any excuses for the Spurs’ shoddy form? Because old Redknapp’s men might need it when they get a drubbing care of Chelsea.

Bad things coming up for Tottenham. Two wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in 6 games. That’s the overall form they will come with when they face the Blues who have 4 wins and 2 draws. Not encouraging. Can they recover their form at least for this match? Can’t say, but I have I feeling they can’t.

It’s not the FA Cup Tottenham have to worry about actually, it’s the strange implosion that somehow happened, the same thing that will cost them the title. Chelsea will come on with guns blazing and they won’t be taking any prisoners, I assure you of that.

One chance for the FA Cup, and Tottenham are this close to blowing it. Sorry Redknapp. Who knows, maybe they’ll still want you for England. Maybe.

Verdict: Tottenham to advance