Back to Reality

POSTED: 7 January 2011

“After a few long sessions stuffing ourselves with plenty of calories and a few decent drinking sessions, it’s time to get our heads together and focus on the activity for this weekend.

A couple of months ago, would you have been able to predict Chelsea’s free fall? I wouldn’t! I was reading Ancelotti’s interview yesterday, he claimed to be lucky retaining his job, unlike in Italy where he would have been unemployed by now. I am not sure if this is still going to be the case after resurrecting Wolves last night though.

For this weekend, “Vamos a la España”. In a recent, survey, the Blaugrana was identified as the most popular club with the biggest installed fan base. I personally don’t blame the fans supporting Barca…. I mean, think about it, they play (by far) the most attractive football. They are able to outplay every opponent (Real can confirm this) and to cut the long story short, they do have a massive cultural and ideological establishment.

The modern Barca equals Total Football.

With this in mind, let’s look into the Deportivo vs Barcelona fixture for this weekend.

Deportivo are having a very mediocre season. They are in the middle of the table, sitting comfortably above the relegation zone. On the other hand, Barca is leading the table in an impressive way.

Their recent track record says it all. 5 wins in the last 5 consecutive games. Playing away from “Camp Nou” doesn’t seem to influence them. On the contrary they have won every single away game this season, scoring an average of 3.5 goals and a goal difference of 29-4.

In fact they have only lost 1 game to Deportivo (away) since the 2003 -2004 Season.

Do you guys believe La Corunia can halt Barca?

I doubt it!

Asian Handicap Away (-1.5) @ 1.65

P.S I received many emails complaining about Louis (on my right panel) recent awful form… I would like to rectify his image by saying that having eaten two whole Turkeys over Christmas dinner he went to an eating spree of double burgers and milkshakes. He was admitted to a vegetarian rehabilitation centre and I can assure you that he is slowly but steadily recovering and is expected to come back in form within this year :)