A SOBER Prediction

POSTED: 20 January 2011

 A SOBER Prediction

Can you believe I was kidnapped by Mr. Jameson and force fed that disgusting Whiskey he drinks, and then was told to give tips! It’s why my form has not been so good. I would never have tipped Newcastle to beat Sunderland. I knew that it was always going to be a draw. I have the betting slip to prove it too!!!!!!!!!

So anyways, hope you guys still believe in the only face of Soccer. It’s from my home town, not some remote place in this world the rest of the panel live in. They were still throwing spears and eating raw chicken while we were writing the rules for the beautiful game that we all follow with heart and soul today. You can see how upset I was at being kidnapped and force fed Whiskey by the others.

Everton will beat West Ham this week. West Ham are awful and would have put everything into last week’s game. Mentally I think they are relegated, Everton on the other hand will want to beat Liverpool in the league this season. Not much of a price but I feel nailed on.

Good luck this week guys, if you see Mr. Jameson anywhere let me know as I have a score to settle with him.