David vs. Goliath

POSTED: 18 February 2011

 David vs. Goliath

Any man worth his salt (or at least the Three Stooges here) knows there are a few things more demeaning than hitting rock bottom, as the public watches.

Levante has had two relegations in six years. They have an unpromising record at 15th place. And with 24 points, they are around two or three losses away from the drop zone.

And they have an appointment to battle host side and league giants Real Madrid this weekend.

If not rock bottom, Levante are standing a few steps above it. Despite a recent three-win streak (following four consecutive losses), their numbers aren’t threatening. They total 7 wins, 3 draws, and a staggering 13 losses. Not much in home performance (5-1-5), and worse on the road (2-2-8).

Meanwhile, Real Madrid sit comfortably at 2nd place with a recent seven-game record of five wins, one draw and one loss. Their stellar home record is a perfect 11-0-0; their road numbers are at 7-3-2.

Pitting the two teams in a seven-game head-to-head, Real Madrid come away with four victories, including an 8-0 pummelling during the Copa del Rey round of 16. True, Levante came back with a 2-0 win, but at this point, nobody’s really counting.

Credits to Levante’s efforts to pull themselves back up, but they might want to look for another precious win somewhere else. I sense another beatdown coming their way, courtesy of Madrid.

Verdict: Home win