No Excuses

POSTED: 4 March 2011

 No Excuses

Let’s call a spade a spade for a moment here, and call a weak defense a weak defence. There was no “bad mojo” for Napoli during their match, only an inability to defend their goals. Do away with Napoli coach Mazzarri’s whining and poor excuses, and you’ll see what I mean, a very simple problem: a defense not worth talking about. Villareal saw this too, and capitalized on it royally, responding to a 0-1 deficit with 2 deciding goals before halftime.

The Yellow Submarine will enter enemy waters and battle Atletico de Madrid on March 6; as always, for this I look at the records.

Villarreal are currently sitting at 4th place, with an overall 14-5-6 record. Atletico are at 8th holding 10-4-11. Atletico aren’t posing much of a home threat with a 6-3-4 record, almost equalling Villarreal’s 4-3-5 road numbers.

A seven-game comparison shows Atletico with two wins, a ghastly 4-loss streak in between, and a recent draw. Villarreal show one win, two losses, two draws, a Europa League win and a recent draw.

Head-to-head numbers also put Villarreal a few steps ahead: a 10-game record shows Villarreal claiming 5 wins, with 2 in Madrid. Atletico has 3 wins, stealing only 1 on the road.

Let the no-nonsense records speak for themselves. For this matchup, I’ll bravely go for a Villarreal win.

Verdict: Away win