Money on Madrid

POSTED: 29 April 2011

Money on Madrid

I wonder if by now Alfred di Stefano is considering drafting a retraction to his words calling Real Madrid a team with “no personality” and are inferior to Barcelona. They did pull the mat (and the Copa del Rey) from under Barca’s feet. Although not a massive demolition, a 1-0 win is still a win, and a championship is still a championship.

The El Clasico battle in the UEFA Champions League should be interesting; but for now, I tip my hat to Real Madrid.


Also on Madrid’s schedule is Real Zaragoza, for this weekend; this time, the Los Blancos hold the advantage. Form-wise, Real Madrid are well equipped, with their Copa win followed by a 3-6 victory against Valencia. Against Zaragoza, they have only 1 defeat in 10 meetings.

On the other side, Zaragoza hold a horrid away record of 1 road win in 33 games. Currently 2 spots just above the drop zone, a win would propel them roughly to a safe and comfortable mid-table position. However, facing Real Madrid, their underdog chances are anything but optimistic.

Saving some margin of error for a miracle, I am bent on completely counting out Zaragoza for this one. May lightning strike me if I’m wrong, but for this matchup, Real Madrid is the logical and dominant choice.

Verdict: Home win