I Smell An Anfield Win

POSTED: 20 April 2011

I Smell An Anfield Win


I was never so satisfied with a draw than how I felt after last weekend’s Liverpool-Arsenal match. Anyone watching the match would have switched off the telly after Arsenal’s last-minute score. Good thing I didn’t, or I would have missed Kuyt’s equaliser that produced the most impressive stalemate as of late.

Speaking of draws, Liverpool’s next game is against Birmingham, and the two sides’ history is both boring, intriguing, and perhaps a sports bettor’s dream: 5 consecutive draws in 5 matches. In addition, the two sides have between them only 3 wins in 10 meetings.


I have a feeling the sides’ 5-game winless trend is about to break. The Reds have enjoyed an improved track record, their 14 wins, 7 draws and 12 losses putting them at 6th place. Birmingham currently have 8 wins, a massive 14 draws and 10 losses, leaving them at 14th.

With their massive improvements, I believe that this time, the Reds carry enough ammunition to go beyond a lacklustre draw. I admit Carroll’s recent ankle injury is a massive minus. Despite this, it’ll be Liverpool for the win. Believe me you.

Verdict: Home victory