A Borrusian Invasion

POSTED: 22 July 2011

A Borussian Invasion

So Borussia Dortmund are again battling for possibly their fourth (or fifth, depending on how you see it) DFB Supercup championship, this time against FC Schalke.

I think that hosts Schalke have only the slightest of chances to take this one, as Borussia are in the habit of winning the cup each time they reach the Final. It seems that for either team, winning the cup means more than just silverware and bragging rights. I doubt that Dortmund would like to remember their Supercup comeback also as the first time they lost it.

And this is Schalke’s second consecutive appearance (third overall) in the Supercup; they lose and they would have lost twice in a row, not to mention all three times. Also, they ended up 2 spots above the drop zone in the Bundesliga; I reckon winning the Supercup (and beating the Bundesliga champs) could very much help save face as far as the team is concerned.

Schalke lost their last encounter with Borussia in their home ground; in fact, Schalke won only 1 of 3 home meetings with Borussia. I suppose it’s safe to assume that for this upcoming encounter, home ground advantage is nothing to get anyone’s knickers in a twist about.

The Borussians are poised to take the cup, I assure you. Perhaps next time Schalke, when you’ve found either better form or less threatening opponents.

Verdict: Away win