Revenge of the Red Devils

POSTED: 21 October 2011

Revenge of the Red Devils

So it’s Liverpool and Manchester United. Reds vs. Red Devils.

So the mighty United have fallen to second place, and were taken down by City. And to make things worse, I had to read about De Jong saying they will take Man U down at Old Trafford. He thinks they can stay at first place? In Red Devil territory? I don’t think so.

I reckon De Jong should have checked the numbers first, because he’s forgotten one fact: United are unbeaten at home. Their last defeat at Old Trafford was in 2010. After that came 1 draw, and a massively impressive 24 wins.

City are undefeated on the road this season as well, but before that a record with their last 10 away games showing only 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. And most importantly, they lost the last 4 encounters at Old Trafford.

For City, there is a lot to prove. They’d like to show that they can be the top dogs in the EPL. But I tell you this, it won’t be the case if Man United have anything to say about it.

Verdict: Home win