POSTED: 4 May 2012


So it’s down to 2 for the FA Cup and even if it pains me to say this, I dont think Liverpool have that much of a chance. That performance against Fulham was massively disappointing and embarrassing for any Liverpool fan. Whoever thinks they can beat Chelsea by doing that is either mental or dreaming.

The worst part of this is Liverpool can destroy big teams, in big competitions, when it matters. I reckon someone should remind Kenny Dalglish of how much THIS match matters.

Also I think that as far as things go, this could be the biggest match for Liverpool this season. Chelsea have been monsters on the football pitch and honestly it would take a miracle for the Reds to somehow pull this off.

Not saying they can’t, mind you. Chelsea would have to run out of steam sometime. But not for the FA Cup, I reckon.

Full support for the Reds. But Di Matteo’s men deserve this title much more. Money’s on them for this one. Sorry Liverpool fans, maybe next year.

Verdict: Chelsea win