The Rise of the Reds

POSTED: 20 May 2011

The Rise of the Reds

Liverpool’s season began as below mediocre, landing as low as 12th place (4 notches above the drop zone), and being described in retrospect as “a place to kill a career”. Then King Kenny arrived, only meant to carry the Reds through 4 remaining months, and revived a team, a crowd, and a spirit heading for insignificance (and possibly relegation, if the trend continued).

Back with Kenny, I reckon Liverpool’s optimism further grew with the acquisition of the Carroll-Suarez duo, who I believe will make their most massive mark yet. The regeneration of the Reds, by the way, went on despite being without captain Gerrard – a notable fact.


Now at 6th place, and perhaps still hoping to enter the top 5, the Reds prepare to visit Aston Villa territory for their last match of the season. The Reds are fully equipped, having beaten the Villas 3 times in their last 4 meetings. Also, Liverpool’s form makes them anything but fragile on the road, having only lost 1 in 7 away games.

Although the Villas claim home ground advantage for this match, their recent home performance proves less than intimidating, with 2 wins in 5 recent matches.

With Liverpool gradually finding their form, I expect to see greater things from them next season. And with King Kenny signing a 3-year deal as Liverpool caretaker, I am more than eager to witness the re-emergence of greatness.

Verdict: Liverpool win